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kim? exhibition publication

the kim? exhibition publication. if you aren’t in riga, latvia, send kim? an email and maybe they will send you one. it is printed in silver ink. it is really nice. really really nice. i have a special piece in it, photographs and a printed email. It’s designed by Urs of Rollo Press.

kitchen publication pdf

I made a publication as one of my pieces in Matter Out of Place, curated by Lumi Tan, opening Wednesday at the Kitchen. It was designed by Natalie Häusler in Berlin. The printed edition was done by The Future in Vancouver. The print edition is a two color risograph, with a first edition printing of 300. It will be [...]

miscellaneous uncatalogued material

Transcript documentation of Triple Canopy’s three Miscellaneous Uncatalogued Material events at MoMA are now available as newsprint broadsheets. Also included are Sarah Crowner and Ariana Reines. Design by Tiffany Malakooti. These are available for free in MoMA’s Cullman Education and Research Building on 54th Street. Also available from Triple Canopy.

publications for house arrest

I curated 4 zines/publications/artist-books for the exhibition House Arrest (curated by Terri C. Smith) at Franklin Street Works in Stamford, CT. The exhibition opened yesterday and will be up for 3 months. I asked 4 publishers to use this as an opportunity to either republish something existing, or publish something new. There would be a parallel distribution [...]

let us keep our own noon poster

Poster for the exhibition designed by Mylinh Nguyen. To purchase send an email to: . They will be sold for the price of shipping + printing (2 Euros).

today was a holiday once sometime

Today Was a Holiday Once Sometime is a publication made for the exhibition Let Us Keep Our Own Noon. It was made by Mylinh Nguyen, Matthew Vollgraff, and myself. It is a 120 page collection of images + texts about time: sundials, cesium atoms, holidays, calendars, clocks, water thieves, work………..  It contains about a years [...]

capricious issue no. 12

Capricious Issue No. 12. Curated by Emily Roysdon. I have a small contribution in this issue. It is a list of hashtags surrounding the Occupy movements that I collected with my friend (from Pittsburgh), Ed Steck.