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kitchen install shot

(Photo: David Allison, Courtesy of The Kitchen)

new #ows life. drawing. download link

Here are new high res download links for the #ows life. drawing. drawings. These contain the original drawings done during the occupation at Zuccotti Park. And the new drawing series, post-evacuation, which happens at night at Zuccotti and the surrounding vicinity. You can freely use these as you wish. (Some are slightly out of focus, [...]

life. drawing. june 19th

yesterday’s life. drawing.

Some photographs from yesterday’s Life. Drawing.¬†We met at Zuccotti Park at 9pm and wandered around in the rain, drawing. I’ll upload high-res files of these drawings soon. There will be more night wanderings/drawings coming up.

life. drawing. wed @ 9pm at zuccotti park

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life drawing at occupy wall street

On October 30, with my friend Adam Katz, we hosted our first life drawing session at Zuccotti Park during the Wall Street occupation. We drew police officers: