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monday november 26th – 7pm

vancouver sunday evening

  launch at this Walmart

vancouver saturday afternoon

life. drawing. june 19th

in pittsburgh with ed steck

triple canopy frozen neon sun

At Frieze in NY, Triple Canopy has an old neon sign I made for a project at NYU some years ago. Photograph just sent to me by cell phone from JW.

life. drawing. wed @ 9pm at zuccotti park

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spaghetti vs udon

On Sunday March 4 at 1pm at Galerie West in Den Haag, NL I will be interviewed by┬áKim Knoppers, a curator at FOAM in Amsterdam. I’ve asked my friends Nishiko and Giuseppe to help prepare the lunch. Nishiko will make home-made udon soup and tempura. Giuseppe will teach people how to make homemade spaghetti (he [...]