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(an explanation for a disappearance in Winschoten)


in studio (green point)

still life in hong kong

farewell to faraway friends

I made this photograph about the time I realized I wasn’t going to make it back before it became completely dark. You mind as well stop and enjoy the view, and take in the disappearance of light. That is Macau off at the horizon, and freighter ships. I was somewhere around here:

how to make yourself visible for a rescue boat when you are stranded in the dark at the bottom of a cliff on a rocky coast in hong kong

I went to make a photograph at sunset at the western most point of Hong Kong (near Peaked Hill). As the sun was going down I decided it was a bad idea to take the trail back through the hills to Tai O. It would have been too dark to make it back in the [...]

i was just rescued by a hong kong police boat

They wouldn’t let me photograph. The only photograph I could get was when I was let off the boat onto the Tai O pier.