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honey locust tree seeds from zuccotti park inside a book

I made a new book. I collected the seeds from the pods of the fifty-five Honey Locust trees in Zucotti Park. Most were collected the day after super-storm Sandy. Inside the book are three small holes. Inside the holes are seeds. A letter to Duane Linklater. (a variation of this text is printed in the book)

vancouver sunday evening

  launch at this Walmart

kitchen publication pdf

I made a publication as one of my pieces in Matter Out of Place, curated by Lumi Tan, opening Wednesday at the Kitchen. It was designed by Natalie Häusler in Berlin. The printed edition was done by The Future in Vancouver. The print edition is a two color risograph, with a first edition printing of 300. It will be [...]

printing in estonia

new book printing right now, see preview. 

today was a holiday once sometime

Today Was a Holiday Once Sometime is a publication made for the exhibition Let Us Keep Our Own Noon. It was made by Mylinh Nguyen, Matthew Vollgraff, and myself. It is a 120 page collection of images + texts about time: sundials, cesium atoms, holidays, calendars, clocks, water thieves, work………..  It contains about a years [...]

rarely seen bas jan ader film (flipbook)

As of today, the Rarely Seen Bas Jan Ader Film flip book is officially out of print from 2nd Cannons Publications. I am sure there are some still floating around in bookstores (like here in Berlin). There are still editions available from 2nd Cannons here.