november 2012 studio rent edition

This is November’s Studio Rent Edition. I don’t normally post them to this blog, but I can’t connect to the page I normally post these to. This is a series of monthly editions (each is an edition of ten + 1 AP) that are priced out at 1/10th of my studio rent in Brooklyn. Selling all of these will subsidize my studio for that month. The AP is always mailed to someone for free as a surprise. November’s edition is 15 4″x6″ photographs. The photographs are of damaged photographs from Printed Matter’s archive. Printed Matter was hit hard from Sandy, and lost most of the things stored in their basement, including their archive. These are damaged photographs before they were sent out for emergency conservation through a process of deep freezing. The edition also comes with 1 color photo-copy that describes the piece, and includes the SRE stamp. They are $25 USD for US orders, and $35 USD for international orders (they are usually priced at $23 each, a few extra dollars were added to cover printing costs). If you would like one, please email me. Payment is accepted through Paypal, but please email me before you pay, this is only an edition of 10. As I am writing this there are 5 left. If you are interested in past editions that aren’t sold out, email me.

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