today was a holiday once sometime

Today Was a Holiday Once Sometime is a publication made for the exhibition Let Us Keep Our Own Noon. It was made by Mylinh Nguyen, Matthew Vollgraff, and myself. It is a 120 page collection of images + texts about time: sundials, cesium atoms, holidays, calendars, clocks, water thieves, work……….. ┬áIt contains about a years worth of research. The original idea was to track the process of holiday removals from the calendar. I don’t know if we did that? But the side margin does contain a list of all the holidays we could find…. See for yourself: download the web version here. If you want the high resolution print version, I’ve uploaded it here. If you want to make one below: print double-sided, spiral bind, punch a hole in the bottom. If you print on heavy stock paper, you can hang it like a calendar.

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