My exhibition in Arles, France at the photo-festival is ending soon. The festival is going to FedEx me back the work that isn't destroyed in the de-install (The Public Access prints will most likely be destroyed).

The undestroyed contents will probably be:

82 polaroid reproductions (from the Xiu Xiu polaroid projects), 75 head in freezer print outs (from that tagging meme I accidentally made), and 34 text instructions printed in both FRENCH and ENGLISH on LARGE sheets of paper (from Everything That Can Happen in a Day book and 2009 mailing list and tumblr project).

However... Do I really need this mailed back to me?

Does anyone else want this instead?

I will have the festival organization Fed Ex it directly to you (you must be home!). I would normally say, the first person to email me back will get it. However, some of you are in different time zones, and may be sleeping...

So, if you want the exhibition, email me the following by this Friday:

- who you are

- your mailing address + phone number (for Fed Ex. I won't call you!).

- what you will do with the exhibition.

I WILL NOT email you if you are selected, or if you are not selected. If you are selected, a package will just arrive unexpectedly. If you are not selected, and are wondering if you are selected, and decide to wait to see if you are selected, your waiting will have no end.

email:  hikarusaru @ gmail . com