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 25.06 – 31.07.2011, godz. 20:00



Mińska 25 [Soho Factory]

03-808 Warszawa


kurator: Honza Zamojski


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#VadeMecum (5992. I will, with Pleasure, Take Letters for You)

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- to happen across the continent -

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Saturday, June 18:


212 925-0325

We're having a book launch for a bunch of new publications & things from David Horvitz. He'll be baking cookies and bringing them to share.


Printed Matter is pleased to announce a reception and signing to mark the launch of five recent publications from artist David Horvitz. During the event Horvitz will be printing and binding his book We Would Like to Offer you a Flower via an in-store fax machine, as well as sharing baked... goods from his newly published My Grandma’s Recipes. Join us for the launch Saturday, June 18, 5-7PM. Printed Matter is located at 195 Tenth Ave, between 21st and 22nd Street, in New York City.

Horvitz’s work as an artist moves easily between web-based practice and the printed page. Often beginning with a prompt or proposal--either for himself or for others—the work turns mundane gestures into engaged acts of art with profound implications. The five newly created publications include the following:

We Would Like to Offer you a Flower derives from an exhibition at the Reanimation Library at DoVA Temp Gallery. Horvitz browsed through the library, gathering flower images before providing them as PDFs on his website with instructions on how to download, print and circulate the photos to random fax numbers. The “fax data” was then collected and reproduced with a map indicating where flowers have been sent. Images will be printed and bound into booklets during this Saturday’s event.

Public Access is an art project produced by David Horvitz in late December 2010. For roughly two weeks he drove the entire coast of California taking pictures of himself looking out at the beach and other scenic vantage points, his stance recalling the iconic romantic painting Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog by Caspar David Friedrich from 1818 and Bas Jan Ader's 1971 Farewell to Faraway Friends. He then uploaded these photographs to the Wikipedia entries for the corresponding locations, replacing existent images. Graphic designer Eric Nylund designed the publication, which includes a text written by Ed Steck. Public Access is 196 pages, softcover and retails for $22.00. The book is published by Publication Studio

Volume North & Volume South is a project by Horvitz and Zach Houston. While driving along the California coast in December 2010, Horvitz took photographs of the ocean. At the midway point of the journey, as part of the exhibition As Yet Untitled at SF Camerawork, Zach Houston responded to the coastal photos by engaging people to inspire him in creating poems. They then drove to the border of Oregon, photographing the seascape and responding with poetry. The result of this expedition is a two-book set. The meditations consider the two-dimensional image of the ocean from multiple perspectives. Both volumes are 88 pages, b&w, printed and bound by Publication Studio, Berkeley.

My Grandma’s Recipes is a collection of 35 recipes that David Horvitz’s grandmother, born in Northern California to Japanese Immigrants, has gathered throughout her life. The assorted recipes--clipped from newspapers, given by friends or family, or typed & hand-written by Horvitz’s grandmother-- have been reproduced on facsimile note cards and gathered in a offset-printed plaid box. My Grandma’s Recipes comes in a custom-designed box measuring 5 ½” x 3 ½” x 1”, retails for $10.00, and is published by Honza Zamojski.

Everything That Can Happen in a Day recounts a project that took place over the course of 2009, for which Horvitz posted a new initiative on his blog every single day, enjoining readers to follow his lead and insert some art into everyday life. The book is a record of both of Horvitz's favorite prompts as well as the resulting images generated in response to Horvitz's cues. Everything That Can Happen in a Day is 128 pages, hardcover and retails for $27.95. The book is published by Mark Batty Publisher.

This book is now out from Publication Studio. This is the Public Access project originally exhibited at SF Camerawork in San Francisco.

Public Access by David Horvitz and Ed Steck. Designed by Eric Nylund.

softcover $22
196 pp.
9" x 7 3/4" x 1/2"
View interior pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
ISBN: 9781935662624 (permalink)
hashtag: #paPubStud

This item originated from: Allone Co. Editions

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This Weekend

David Horvtiz: Room 129

Fillip is pleased to present an installation by New York-based artist David Horvtiz as part of our participation in the Fair at the Waldorf Hotel, Vancouver, June 2 to 5, 2011.

Horvtiz’s project for the Fair will focus on the artist’s ongoing series of Wikipedia photographs—work intended for distribution on the Web-based encyclopedia through their Wiki-Commons server space. First begun as an occasional, ad hoc series and later continued in a more developed manner with the Public Access project (2010), the Wikipedia photographs are recognizable through the juxtaposition of subject matter (e.g., a monument, historical site, or otherwise) and Horvitz’s own body (often only partially visible). The work operates somewhere between self-portraiture and pictorial travelogue—ostensibly illustrating a person or place while also charting the artist’s own idiosyncratic interests through his discreet edits to the Wikipedia knowledge base.

During the length of the installation, David Horvitz will be using Room 129 at the Waldorf Hotel as a base for the creation of a newly commissioned work produced in conjunction with the upcoming release of Fillip 14, in stores July 2011.