press release for exhibition JA at Chert, Berlin opening April 29



press release for Blum & Poe


downloads: (found bas jan ader film)

the space between us (-->), 2015 (ios app)

Mood Disorder selections, 2015 (zip)

letter to the DOT, 2014 (zip)

somewhere in between the jurisdiction of time
David Horvitz with Alexander Provan
New York : Art in America; 2014

emails from my participation in the 2014 edition of EVA International,  while in residency at IMMA | Irish Museum of Modern Art (pdf)

The Distance of a Day
David Horvitz with David Senior
Berlin : Chert Gallery and Motto Books; 2013

How to Shoplift Books/ Come Rubare Libri
David Horvitz
Venice : Automatic Books; 2013

Sad, Depressed, People
David Horvitz
Vancouver : New Documents; 2012

Public Sex Acts
David Horvitz
New York : The Holster; 2008


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